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The Grumbleweeds Radio Shows

The Grumbleweeds Radio Show
Dedicated to Mr Mike Craig

As the webmaster of the Grumbleweeds website the single most request I get is "Where can I get the radio shows from"?

Well I'm Afraid the simple answerer is you can't, however The Grumbleweeds Radio Show, ran from 1979 to 1988. Fifteen series of programs in all and received the prestigious "Best Radio Show" award from The Television and Radio Industries Awards in 1983 and as you may expect there are some out there and over time I have managed to get my hands on a few old cassettes that hold some of these gems.

All of The Grumbleweeds radio shows were produced by their very good friend Mike Craig, Who sadly past away on the 28-10-2010 a great talent that will be missed by all that knew him, not only did he produce them but also wrote a lot of the sketchers.

So As A tributes to Mr Mike Craig and for all for the old fans enjoy and reminisce in what was one of the greatest radio shows ever on Radio 2.

Please remember that these Grumbleweeds radio shows are getting old and the tapes are starting to develop drop out and the like, I will do what I can to bring them back so they can still be enjoyed.

Call back as the Shows will be updated

Mr Mike Craig

Here is one of the weekly radio shows of the Grumbleweeds
So you can once again enjoy the Grumbleweeds Radio Shows I will change it
So Call Back

Below is a link to a Free Grumbleweeds Radio Show Jukebox, this will open up a new window with several of the Grumbleweeds Radio Shows so you can keep on working and listen

Radio show link page

Go To The Grumbleweeds Radio Show On Line Jukebox

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